ZHP Water Wetter Non-Ionic Surfactant

Simply Add To Water – To Improve Coverage And Penetration. It’s A Pay-As-You-Go Solution.

Water by itself is not a good dust control agent. ZHP WATER WETTER breaks the surface tension of water, so it won’t bead up, roll off or quickly evaporate.

ZHP WATER WETTER is a non-ionic surfactant and resin extender. It boosts the natural effectiveness of water – and delivers the dust control properties you need. With continued use, the resin extenders actually build up so you can further decrease your watering frequency.

ZHP WATER WETTER is the perfect solution for industries like aggregate, mining, utility, steel, trucking and lumber yards.

Why choose ZHP WATER WETTER Non-Ionic Surfactant?

  • Economical pay-as-you-go water enhancer
  • Prevents water from beading up & rolling off
  • Water instantly spreads, penetrates & retards evaporation
  • Zircon’s unique truck mounted transfer system is user-friendly and cost effective. Eliminates labor-intensive manual introduction.

How To Apply ZHP Water Wetter Surfactant

Introduce at a ratio of 1,500 to 3,000 parts water to 1 part surfactant. Spray on surface as part of a routine watering program. This reduces the application rate of water through rapid penetration and retarded evaporation. Continued use allows resin extenders to build up, further decreasing need for frequency of watering.

Asphalt Milling Machine Spec OSHA 1926-1153

ZHP Water Wetter surfactant dust control is designed to address the new asphalt milling machine spec OSHA 1926-1153 surfactant for water.

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