Citra Foam Heavy Duty Industrial Foaming Degreaser


A heavy duty industrial degreaser with a foaming jet stream spray pattern. A very effective degreaser without the use of harmful caustics or solvents.

Features and Benefits

Heavy duty foam clings upon contact and provides exceptional dwell time to break down the toughest soils. Contains powerful, water soluble, grease dissolving detergents that quickly eliminate heavy grease and soils.

Applications and Uses

Powerful foaming spray dissolves grease, oil, grime, and more. Excellent for accumulations of grease, tar, and asphalt on engines or engine parts. Some of the many applications include: machinery, tools, industrial equipment, walls, coils, concrete, and protective coatings.

Directions for Use

Spray foam directly on dirty surface. When foam turns dirty, flush area with water. For accumulations of heavy grease and soils, spray Citra Foam from about 6-10 inches and thoroughly wet surface. Allow several minutes contact time and hose off with water under pressure. If necessary, a wire brush may be used to loosen the grease and oil. Always pre-test on an inconspicuous spot.

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