RDS38 Road Dust Stabilizer

Control Road Dust In The Most Demanding Areas – With A Turn-Key Service Delivered & Applied.

Cut your road maintenance costs … with Zircon's RDS38 unique ability to control immediate dust on the road as well as new dust stirred up on a daily basis.

Road dust is your enemy, especially in industries like mining, aggregate, trucking and lumberyards. Hard-packed, dust free roads are the ideal – and RDS38 delivers. By continually pulling in and retaining moisture in the road base, RDS38 is able to control and absorb new and old dust daily. The daily over-the-road traffic actually helps this process by packing down new and old dust fines daily. This leads to a dense-packed road base that can better withstand the heavy tonnage demands, while minimizing grading and road filling in addition to watering.

Remember – if you have road dust, you are losing your road base.

An unstable road base leads to potholing and costly road maintenance. RDS38 even improves the integrity of the road base while controlling dust. And that means less money spent on grading, road filling and watering.

The key advantage for you: Zircon delivers and applies RDS38.   We turnkey it for you – with one application lasting 3 to 4 months!  We make it easy – with application included in the price of the product. Find out more.

Other road dust products are simply sealants. They encapsulate dust present upon application – but can't capture new dust stirred up by road traffic. They may work fine on less demanding areas like county and access roads. But they won't cut it on sites pounded by heavy truck tonnage – while introducing new dust on a daily basis. RDS38 is not once and done. It's actually re-invigorated by moisture in the atmosphere, as it pulls moisture into the road base. RDS38 likes rain – when other products are prone to washout. The result? A hard packed dust-free road. Why choose RDS38 Road Dust Stabilizer?

  • Reinvigorated by rain and does not wash out
  • Only product that controls new and old dust on a daily basis
  • Creates hard-packed road base to reduce maintenance costs
  • Shift man-hours from road maintenance to productive tasks
  • Part of a planned, cost-effective strategy
  • Proactive approach meets demands of EPA & neighborhood groups while reducing overall costs
  • One application last 3 to 4 months


Get enhanced dust control on a daily basis and get your crews off the road!


"RDS-38 works so well we have sent our water truck to another quarry." – Vulcan Materials, Virginia

"We save over $20,000 a year by using RDS-38. Plus, my water truck driver can now utilize his time on other issues in the quarry." – Lafarge, Pennsylvania

"Simply stated, this is the best dust control we have ever used." – Carolina Sun Rock, N. Carolina

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