Latex 100 Static Dust Control Sealant

Seal Static Areas Or Pile Surfaces For Days Or 12 Months Plus. Eliminate Continual Watering And Wind Erosion Dust In One Shot.

LATEX 100 forms a clear, brittle crust on surfaces to prevent dust from escaping or erosion from wind and water. It’s designed for areas that will be undisturbed for a period of days to more than 12 months.

LATEX 100 is the right solution to seal static coal, iron ore and aggregate. It works well on fly ash areas, open unused lots and open railcar tops. It won’t work on active mineral or ash piles, haul roads or roads with any significant traffic.

To handle cold weather coal, LATEX 100 is your perfect winter strategy. When you apply LATEX 100 in the fall, the latex coating preserves and maintains low moisture so coal is easy to handle in winter months – with no freezing at the surface.

LATEX 100 is water-soluble, long-lasting if undisturbed – and easy to apply and handle. When it’s on the surface, it looks good … with a clean, clear appearance.

You get the flexibility you need with LATEX 100. Just blend your dilution ratio for the length of time you need dust control – whether it's a short term seal of a few days, a month or more than a year.

Dilution Ratios

Long term storage of 8 to 18 months: 4-12 parts water to 1 part LATEX 100

Short term rock dust binder for weeks to months: as high as 100 parts water to 1 part LATEX 100

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