ZHP Transfer System

You must control dust. Don’t let it control your budget. The ZHP WATER WETTER greatly enhances the ability of water to control dust – and is very economical. You only need to add 1 gallon of ZHP to 2,000 gallons of water.  However, manually introducing ZHP by pumping off a couple gallons and having to climb the ladder of the water truck to add to water very time – is too labor intensive. ZHP’s transfer system bridges this gap by a providing a user-friendly non labor-intensive way to maintain the introduction of ZHP WATER WETTER – to improve your overall dust control performance levels. For smaller trucks, the air-operated diaphragm pump system with mounting bracket easily mounts to the water truck with permanent plumbing into the tank.  There is an intake hose from the ZHP, with a quick connect to the air diaphragm pump system.  To connect, press a button and the product is directly injected into the truck at a rate of approximately 2 gallons per minute. Trucks with less than 10,000 gallon capacity:

Trucks with more than 10 gallon capacity: