BZM-120AC Manual Sprayer

Power required: 120VAC, 2.0 A
Sprayer capacity: Up to four 1/4K5 nozzles at maximum of 100 ft. elevation.

The spray system is contained in a Fiberglass enclosure with carrying handle, a 12 ft suction hose with a foot valve and strainer, and a ½” hose barb for the sprayer output. Total weight is approximately 20 lbs.

The BZM-120 AC is a manual sprayer that is actuated by pressing the spray button. An adjustable timer, mounted inside the enclosure, can be set from .1 second to 180 hours.

The sprayer utilizes an ON DEMAND pump that is regulated by a pressure sensor. The pressure is set at 40 PSI. When the pressure in the output line exceeds 40 PSI, the pump will turn OFF.

Once the spray has been activated the sprayer will continue to run till it times out or the E-STOP is pressed.

At the end of season, before the sprayer is stored, it should be run with clean water for 5 minutes.