Manufacturer of Specialty Chemical Products

Zircon Industries Inc. is an industrial specialty chemical manufacturer that has been in business for over 40 years and has distinguished itself as a reliable company whose products work. Zircon Industries was founded in 1970 by management and technical experts with many years of experience with the largest chemical corporations in the industry.

Zircon Industries, has adhered to an extensive R&D program to improve old standby products, and to develop new ones. Our product line is very specialized to keep quality control high. By maintaining high credibility through the years, Zircon Industries has achieved steady growth to a great extent by 'word of mouth'.

ZHP Watter Wetter - perfect solution for new regulation OSHA 1926-1153 for Asphalt Milling Machines

ZHP Water Wetter surfactant dust control is designed to address the new asphalt milling machine spec OSHA 1926-1153 surfactant for water. Click here to learn more

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