Freeze Wasp & Hornet Killer

Freeze Wasp & Hornet Killer is a powerful 100% solvent based insecticide. Freeze has a high dielectric strength of 25,000 volts.

  • Shoots a 20-foot fogging stream
  • Treats entire nests – ends re-infestation
  • High pressure, non-flammable spray
  • Sprays at same pressure throughout can life
  • Provides instant freeze action for quick knockdown
  • Dielectric Breakdown Voltage 25,000 Volts by ASTM Test Method D-877
  • 100% Solvent-Based Formulation Provides Superior Insect Exoskeleton Penetration and Kill
  • Instant Freezing Action

For Use By:

  • Electrical Power and Telephone Crews
  • Hotels, Motels, Schools, Hospitals
  • Commercial Buildings, Warehouses
  • Theaters, Restaurants
  • Manufacturing Plants, Municipalities
  • Office Buildings, Apartment Buildings
  • Parks and Recreation Departments

For Use On:

  • Wasps, Hornets, Nests Outdoors
  • Nests Indoors, Chimneys
  • Cracks, Crevices, Overhangs
  • Car Ports, Tree Nests