All Weather Ultra Gel Lubricant


This product is a transparent, high pressure lubricant with high adhesive strength. A unique combination of natural and synthetic lubrication agents, coupled with a high molecular weight polymer (PTFE), makes this product one of the best available.

Features and Benefits

Lasts longer than conventional lubricants. Withstands severe temperatures. Prevents sticking and freezing of rubber and metal. Works from minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit to +600 degrees F. Prevents rust and corrosion. Resists water washout. Applied as a thin penetrant and quickly sets to a clear tacky gel.

Applications and Uses

Use on door hinges, open gears, wire ropes and cables, chains and sprockets, conveyors, and manifold heat valves.

Directions For Use

Shake well before using. Saturate area to be lubricated. If necessary, repeat application.


20 oz aerosol

Net weight 13 oz

12 per case

VOC weight: 49.8%