Sweet smell of success! Goodbye to grease, fat, and odors.

Zircon’s degreaser uses citrus oil to naturally dissolve grease and create an odor barrier.

Odor and grease are the number one problems in lift stations. This powerful degreaser stays on top of the water, because it’s 100% d’Limonene, and won’t mix with water. That allows for continuous action on wet walls, as it quickly dissolves heavy grease and deodorizes.

The petroleum-free FLOATING LIFT STATION DEGREASER is a natural solution that doesn’t just mask odors with perfume – it actually has odor-absorbing power to create an ‘odor barrier’.

The FLOATING LIFT STATION DEGREASER features a red visual indicator. It will not harm bacteria action in raw sewage treatment operations.


  • Safe – with no petroleum distillates
  • Eliminates odors
  • No disruption of bacterial action
  • Excellent alternative to solvents
  • USDA authorized C1

The 100% d’Limonene ‘Floating Lift Station Degreaser’ provides the triple play when you’re seeking safe replacement products:

  • Better performance
  • Better economy
  • Safe for the environment

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