Automated Deicer Spray Systems

Your ice-free spray solution. Our automated deicer systems provide consistent introduction of Liquid Heat and eliminate human error. A planned approach allows you to stay ahead of the cold, eliminate downtime and product waste.

You know what you need: conveyors and belts that are consistently ice-free. It’s the extreme winter challenge – and one that Zircon has solved.

After 30+ years of learning by trial and error, we developed the industry’s state-of-the-art DEICER SPRAY SYSTEM for applying Liquid Heat deicer.

Every industry today is operating with a smaller workforce while demanding higher productivity. Spray systems bridge the gap – by removing labor-intensive jobs but still providing consistent delivery of product.

Choose the Zircon DEICER SPRAY SYTEM that works best for your application & cold weather needs:Choose the Zircon DEICER SPRAY SYTEM that works best for your application & cold weather needs:

  • Stand alone automated deicer system capable of spraying one or multiple spray cycles. On timer setting in box and exterior off timer to program off time.
  • System available with temperature probe to initiate spray cycle based on temperature setting. System complete with sensor and relay to deactivate system if belt is not in motion.
  • System available with control panel upgrade with front keypad interface allowing operator to select as many as three temperature set points with corresponding variations in spray cycle times for up to three different belt locations independently. Also available with sensor. Great for remote areas, great for anywhere. HANDS FREE/NO WASTE!!
  • Can provide remote control system with control panel with relays to wire into customer PLC to program spray cycles.

With Zircon’s expertise in deicing, it’s no surprise — our spray systems are the most effective, durable and long-lasting system on the market.

The bottom line: workforces are being scaled down, and the only way to maintain productivity is to remove human error and automate where needed.

Stay ahead of the cold and eliminate costly downtime by automating delivery of LIQUID HEAT.

No product waste!!