Liquid Deicer for Grounds & Walkways

Who needs salt? A better way to eliminate ice, protect property and stay safe.

ICE BREAKER GREEN is perfect for high priority walkways.  It’s your eco-friendly alternative to salt, one that won’t damage interior or exterior surfaces, like concrete, carpeting and tile floors. 

How does ICE BREAKER GREEN work?  We combined magnesium chloride with a patented additive made from corn.  It’s 90% less corrosive than salts – and lowers the freeze point from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to -70 degrees F.

You prevent slips and falls – protecting employee and visitor safety while you protect your valuable surfaces.  Foot traffic actually keeps the ICE BREAKER GREEN working by pushing it around to maintain an ice-free surface.


  • 90% less corrosive than salts
  • Safe on outside and inside surfaces
  • Eco-friendly corn engineered additive lowers freeze point
  • Full coverage with liquid product, unlike spotty coverage of dry products
  • Cover 1,500 square feet with just one gallon
  • Proactively eliminates ice bonding before it occurs


“Very versatile! We’re looking to expand area used to include all walkways and even parking areas for employees.” – Kevin Young, Michelin North America, Ardmore, OK

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