Freeze King Glycerin: Safe Bio-Based Freeze Suppressant

You Just Found It. A Safer, Less Expensive, Better Alternative To Propylene Glycol.

FREEZE KING GLYCERIN is the safest freeze suppressant on the market. You get the -60 degrees Fahrenheit freeze point of propylene glycol in a totally green product.

You can't get any greener than 100% bio-based Freeze King — safe for aquatic life and renewable. It's a food safe product and safe to use on all surfaces.

Since Freeze King Glycerin is in the soap family, it has excellent wetting capabilities for cleaning as well as dust control during cold weather operations.

Why Choose Freeze King Glycerin?

  • Your winter handling strategy for minerals like coal and iron ore
  • Side release for truck beds and railcars
  • Freeze suppressant for geo-thermal systems
  • Mix with water for dust control
  • Mix with water and soaps for cold weather cleaning operations, such as trucks, containers, and general equipment

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