Liquid Heat

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Conveyor Belt Deicer & Ice Preventative

Winter cold is the enemy.  Liquid Heat meets it head on – and wins.

In 1972, Zircon Industries pioneered the introduction of liquid deciers for inclined conveying systems – with LIQUID HEAT.

Back in the day, extreme cold shut down coal mines and power plants.  Then came LIQUID HEAT.  Liquid Heat was able to keep these plants operating when they otherwise could not. At this point they were able to incorporate an effective cold weather operating strategy with LIQUID HEAT. This greatly improved productivity, not to mention the overall working environment by getting out of the cold.

Soon, other industries discovered the power of LIQUID HEAT — including aggregates, cement, steel, wood chips, gold, copper, iron ore, recycling and others.  Zircon continues to improve the product blend.

Make LIQUID HEAT part of your pro-active approach.  Don’t just react to the disaster of ice build-up.  Prevent it!

That’s right — LIQUID HEAT eliminates ice before it occurs!  No need to live in fear of winter ice and hassles – when you have a Planned Maintenance Strategy.  Use LIQUID HEAT not only to deice …but to prevent ice on your entire conveying system.

Why choose LIQUID HEAT?


“Guys in the yard named it ‘Miracle Juice.’  Liquid Heat greatly improved overall winter performance.  Clearly outperforms anti-freeze that we used in past.” – Randy Jamison, Conco Western Stone, N. Aurora, IL