Liquid Heat Eliminates Freeze Stick Carryback for Semi Truck and Trailer Beds

In addition to being the number one choice as a deicer for conveyor belt systems, LIQUID HEAT has successfully ‘eliminated freeze stick carryback in semi-truck beds hauling sand, rocks, coal, wood chips, mulch, etc.; and does it with less applications’. Carryback is costly, unproductive, and can lead to contamination.Liquid Heat clearly outperforms expensive plastic liners as a liquid deicer for …

Environmentally Safe Do-It-Yourself Dust Control Product Making Waves

Glycerin DC-100 No safer or better product available for controlling dust on unpaved roads! Getting tremendous feedback from townships and private industry 100% safe for streams and forestry Provides superior dust control performance. Binding of road surface leads to improved road base Glycerin DC-100 Customer Evaluation “Product worked very well. Also, smoothed the road out and reduced the amount of …

Special Discounted Pricing for Proxitane® AHC!!!

Item NumberDescriptionPrice per gallonPrice Total ProD0055-gallon pail$19.90/gal$99.50/pail ProD05555-gallon drum$13.50/gal$742.50/drum ProD330330-gallon tote$12.50/gal$4,125.00 tote Proven safe, effective, and economical! One-gallon concentrate makes 330 gallons of ready-to-use product! Lowest price offered anywhere! Announcing newly FDA approved disinfectant PROXITANE® AHC*Placed on the FDA safe chemical list *Ultimate in ECONOMY and SAFETY!PROXITANE® AHC Broad Spectrum Surface Disinfection Bactericide, Fungicide, Virucide Dilutable Concentrate Peracetic Acid 5.24% …

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We are GSA Canadian Compliant for the following products: Liquid Heat Conveyor Belt Deicer Z99 Safety Solvent Degreaser Dry Graphite Lubricant Ice Breaker Green Latex 100 Static Dust Control Sealant X831 Chill Kill Anti-Frost Pneumatic Tool Lubricant Freeze King GLY 100